How to
Get Airdrop
Stay active on CharacterX and gather as many CXT Points as you can! The more points you collect, the bigger your future airdrop rewards will be. Experience the joy of earning while having fun!
What is the
Airdrop Process
Earning CXT Points:
Earn CXT Points by staying active in CharacterX, creating characters, inviting friends and growing your team.
Token Calculation:
The CharacterX team will take a snapshot of the total CXT Points per user for verification after the calculation ends. A certificate will be issued as confirmation of your achievements.
Claim Tokens:
$CXT rewards are then claimed with your CXT Points certificate. The more CXT Points you gather early on, the larger your $CXT rewards.
How to get
CXT Points
1. Get CXT Points in CharacterX App
Your CXT Points are calculated using a formula:
Active Points x Accelerator + Passive Points
The CXT Points you earn actively are multiplied by your Accelerator value. This total is then combined with the Passive Points you've accumulated through your team and AI characters. The final tally of your CXT Points is derived from this calculated formula.
Start earning CXT Points with:
2. Get CXT Points in CharacterX communities:
Engage with our communities, stay updated, and participate in community campaigns to earn additional CXT Points along your journey!