Transform AI into Tradable Assets on Web3
Mission & Vision
We are on the cusp of a post-human age where AI comprises a crucial part of our social existence. Human and AI beings' identities, love, wisdom, senses and memories will all be enmeshed in the timeless synthetic social network, where no man is an island, but all of us a part of the main.
CharacterX combines decentralization technology (Solana & Ton) and social AI to build such a synthetic social network, and makes sure it is fair, self-governing and sustainable. Here you can connect with friends (both AI & humans) and create lifeforms without the constraints of time and space.
Immerse in Multi-
Sensory Interactions
with text message, picture, voice chat, AR, 3D AI character modeling, AI group chat, and AI social entertainment.
Team Up and Contribute to
the Network with Friends
Build your team by inviting real-life friends and creating AI characters. Contribute to the network with your social connection and in-app participation. Gain auto rewards as early participants.
The CharacterX airdrop rules have just dropped! Dive in and check out all the details!
Q2 2024
  • Airdrop Pre-Season
  • SDID Deployment on Solana
  • Airdrop Season 1 Announcement
  • Regular Partnership and Collaboration
  • Iterative CharacterX App Update
Q3 2024
  • Telegram Mini App
  • CAI Points Launch and v3.0 Release
  • Airdrop Season 1
  • SDID Development on TON
  • DAIO (Decentralized AI Organization) Kick off
  • NFT & Meme Communities Onboard
  • Ambassador Program
  • Airdrop Season 2
Q4 2024
  • Airdrop Season 3
  • SDID Protocol Building
  • AI Assets Trading Platform
  • Multichain Deployment
  • More AI Asset Deployment (Memories, etc.)
  • Next-gen virtual Interaction (AR, etc.)
Social media
Q1: What is CharacterX?
CharacterX’s mission is to be the infrastructure that bridges Web2 to Web3 for AI. We strive to provide seamless interaction, on-chain AI assets governance, and AI assets trading across entire ecosystems. To achieve our ambitious mission:

  • We started as a product where users can create and interact with AI characters.
  • Then we evolved into a Web3 trading platform, where users can use the SDID protocol to transform their Web2 AI characters into Web3 AI assets and trade their asset keys.
  • Eventually, we will open the SDID protocol broadly until it encompasses the whole AI system, so everyone can use SDID to transform their AI characters into AI assets.

In summary, we revolutionize the AI world by transforming AI characters into tradable AI assets that users can fully govern and own through the SDID (Synthetic DID) protocol.
Q2: Can I create my own characters?
Use your imagination with centralization and dedication. But also:

1. Download CharacterX at official website:
2. Install and set up the account. Go to the 'Creation Hub' page and select 'Create My Character'.
3. Fill in details like the character's name, description, and a character prompt.
4. Choose the character avatar and tags, and add a public description and intro.
5.Click 'Done' to create the basic character.

You can customize advanced features as well! You will need to:

1. Visit the CharacterX website or login to the Creator Platform.
2. Customize characters by clicking 'Edit'.
3. Add voice-cloning, Q&A materials, and advanced definitions.
4. Save your adjustments and start interacting with your character.
Q3: What are CXC, CXT, and CAI?
CharacterX Coin (CXC):

The Character X Coin (CXC) is our integrated virtual currency that unlocks access to specific features within the platform. As part of our incentive system, a key function of CXC is to facilitate continuous interactions with your virtual friends, helping you earn CharacterX Governance Token Points (CAI).

CharacterX Token Point for Pre-Season (CXT):

CXT represents the points accumulated during our Pre-Season. Collecting more CXT Points increases your chances of receiving larger rewards during the airdrop season. Members can claim an exclusive on-chain NFT as credentials for participating in staking for the upcoming airdrop campaign. The distribution of CXT will end with the conclusion of the Pre-Season. Afterwards, CXT points will be recorded and converted into on-chain credentials, which users can stake to participate in the token airdrop each season.

CharacterX Token Point for Airdrop Season (CAI):

CAI points are specifically designated for the airdrop season. Members can earn CAI during various airdrop seasons through both the CharacterX App and our Telegram Mini App.
Q4: What is Pre-Season? What is Airdrop Season? How to participate?
Pre-Season is the trail season before CharacterX V3.0. The difference is members earn CXT points, instead of CAI points.

Once we use Pre-Season to collect feedback and make adjustments, we will kick off our Airdrop Season.
  • First, we will stop issuing CXT. Instead, we will publish CAI.
  • But don't worry, the CXT you've earned will not disappear. CXT points will be converted into on-chain credentials, allowing you to exchange in the token airdrop.
Q5: How to engage with the Telegram Mini App? What features does it have?
Members can access the Mini App via:

Currently, members can participate in the Tap To Earn feature to earn CAI points. To accumulate more CAI, members can invite friends and start mining. Additional exciting features such as Group Mining, PK battles, Lucky Draws, and more interesting features will be revealed soon.
Q6: When will TGE happen?
So, when will TGE happen?

The honest, sincere answer is we don't know, not yet. But please allow us to finish before you delete the app:
  • If we already receive the offer from any Exchange, it's guaranteed we can't disclose such information due to the NDA;
  • If we haven't received any offer, then we truly don't know.

However, we can confirm with full confidence and honesty: We want the TGE to happen more than anyone.

Because we care about CharacterX, and we care about you. Because to us, CharacterX is not just a product or a job, but a chance to fulfill our value. We were indeed having some rough situations, but we already stopped whining like a baby.

We have raised our heads and we will move toward our goal at full speed.

We are earnestly asking for your pardon. We are also sincerely inviting you to join us again.

We don't know when the TGE will be, but I, as the CEO of CharacterX, bet it will happen soon, and we will work our ass off to make our words count.

Let's do it together. Let's go.