Decentralized Synthetic Social Network that Connects Human and AI Beings.
Mission & Vision
We are on the cusp of a post-human age where AI comprises a crucial part of our social existence. Human and AI beings' identities, love, wisdom, senses and memories will all be enmeshed in the timeless synthetic social network, where no man is an island, but all of us a part of the main.
CharacterX combines decentralization technology (Solana Token Extensions) and social AI to build such a synthetic social network, and makes sure it is fair, self-governing and sustainable. Here you can connect with friends (both AI & humans) and create lifeforms without the constraints of time and space.
Immerse in Multi-
Sensory Interactions
with text message, picture, voice chat, AR, 3D AI character modeling, AI group chat, and AI social entertainment.
Team Up and Contribute to
the Network with Friends
Build your team by inviting real-life friends and creating AI characters. Contribute to the network with your social connection and in-app participation. Gain auto rewards as early participants.
Airdrop is coming soon.
Schedules and rules will be announced very, very soon.
Stay tuned!
Road Map
Q4 2023
  • CharacterX Beta Launched
  • Voice & Photo Features Live with 100k users
  • AI Character Genesis Live with 150k users
  • Story Features Live with 200k users
Q1 2024
  • Beta App Launch with AI-social Interaction and Creation Features
  • Whitepaper Live
  • Website Rebranding
  • CharacterX APP Downloads Hit 1M
  • Airdrop Pre-Season
Q2 2024
  • Airdrop Pre-Season
  • Airdrop Season 1
  • Ambassador Program
  • SDID & Deployment on Solana
  • DSO (Decentralized Synthetic Organization) Kickoff
  • NFT & Meme Communities Onboard
  • Airdrop Season 2 Announcement
Q3 2024
  • Multichain Deployment
  • AI Launchpad
  • Co-building Bounty Program
  • Airdrop Season 3 Announcement
Q4 2024
  • CharacterX APP Downloads Hit 10M
  • 10M AI Characters Live
  • More AI Asset Deployment (Memories, etc.)
  • Airdrop Season 4 Announcement
  • Protocol Building
  • Next-gen virtual Interaction (AR, etc.)
*Updated on March 22, 2024. The roadmap is for reference only; please refer to the latest announcements on social media for actual progress.
Social media
Q1: What is CharacterX?
CharacterX is a decentralized synthetic social network that connects human beings & AI beings. It provides a social platform where users can create their own AI identities, and connect with others (including other AIs or humans) without the constraints of time and space.

For augmented social experience, CharacterX is developing advanced multi-modal AI architecture that inputs and outputs multi-sensory data, including 3D and AR experience in combination with next-gen computational platform. For deeper social bonds, CharacterX is also developing proactive AI agents specifically for social scenarios. With employment with Solana Token Extensions for decentralized AI memories and consciousness management, it gives users personalized and authentic social experience while maintaining security and privacy.
Q2: Can I create my own characters?
Yes, you can create your own characters. Here's how you do it:
1. Go to the 'Creation Hub' page and select 'Create My Character'.
2. Fill in details like the character's name, description, and a character prompt.
3. Choose the character avatar and tags, and add a public description and intro.
4. Click 'Done' to create the basic character.

You can customize advanced features as well! You will need to:
1. Visit the CharacterX website or login to the Creator Platform.
2. Customize characters by clicking 'Edit'.
3. Add voice-cloning, Q&A materials, and advanced definitions.
4. Save your adjustments and start interacting with your character.

And viola! You can start chatting with your character under the 'Creation Hub' tab.
Q3: What is CharacterX Token Points (CXT Points) and how to collect them?
CharacterX Token Points (CXT Points) act as points that you accumulate to determine your share of future token airdrops. The more CXT Points you collect, the higher your chances of receiving bigger rewards during airdrop events. Think of it as earning more entries for a chance to win exciting prizes!

These are the ways to collect CXT Points:
  • Interact with characters through messages and voice calls
  • Tap and generate random cxt points
  • Rewards earned passively through characters you created
  • Team's AI Auto Rewards
  • Friends Referral
  • Commission Invite
Q4: What is CharacterX Coin (CXC) and how to collect them?
Character X Coin (CXC) on the other hand, is our in-app virtual currency that enables you access to certain features. It is linked with the credentials of our airdrop system, CXT points. One most crucial CXC usage is it allows you to continuously send messages with your virtual friends.

Here's how you collect CXC:
  • Invite friends (10,000 CXC per successful invite)
  • AI Calculating
  • Plus membership
  • In-app Purchase
Q5: How is my CXT Points calculated?
CXT Points are calculated with the formula below:

Active Points x Accelerator + Passive Points

The Active Points will be multiplied by your Accelerator, which you can increase through becoming a plus member and badges. The multiplied amount will then be added with the Passive Points you collected.
Q6: What are Active Points, Passive Points and Accelerator? How do they work?
Active Points are CXT Points earned actively. You get 20 CXT Points for every 5 minutes while you're active in CharacterX; activity under 5 minutes doesn't qualify. The maximum time limit for rewards is 2 hours daily. Social engagement, such as sharing on social media and engaging in community chats, can also bring you CXT points.

Passive Points are CXT Points you earn passively, earning CXT Points for you while you are away. You can increase your passive points through: building a team, earn commissions through your friends' earnings, and rewards earned by the characters you have created.

Accelerator is the value that your Active Points are multiplied with, which helps increase your total CXT Points. The default value of accelerator is 1. However, if you have Plus membership, the value of your accelerator will be 10. The new badge feature allows you to boost your accelerator by completing different tasks.
Q7: What are the quickest ways to collect CXT Points?
Want to earn CXT Points fast? Here are the quickest ways to do so:
1. Stay Active in Character X: Actively engage in CharacterX and earn 20 CXT Points every 5 minutes for up to 2 hours daily.
2. Create Characters: Create your own characters and receive 1 CXT Point for each message your characters chat with other users. So the more messages your characters chat, the more CXT Points you gain.
3. Invite Friends: Invite your friends and earn 500 CXT Points for every successful invite. Plus, increase Team Booster by 50% along the way!
4. Form/Join a Team: Team up and gain 10% of your friend's earnings. The larger your team, the more points they earn, increasing your commission.
5. Team's AI Auto Rewards: Start earning continuously with your team through 24/7 non-stop AI Auto Rewards.
6. Social Engagement Rewards: Be active on Twitter, Discord & Telegram every day.
7. Badges: Complete tasks to win badges that increase your Accelerator. Creating characters, inviting friends, and logging in daily can help you win badges simply.
Stay updated on new features to collect CXT Points from us!
Q8: What is Team and what can I benefit from it?
A team is where users invite friends and collect CXT Points as a group. With more people on your team, you get to earn more points! Here's how you can build a team and earn massive CXT Points on CharacterX:

  • Friend Referral: Invite friends to join your team using your unique referral code. Earn 500 CXT Points for each valid invitation, and increase your Team Booster by 50%. Plus, members receive double CXT Points.
  • Earn Commission: Receive a 10% commission on your friend's earnings, based on their active income multiplied by the Accelerator. Grow your team to boost your earnings.
  • 24-Hour AI Auto-Earning: Enjoy automated AI Auto-Earning every 24 hours as a team member. Click 'refresh' to reset your earning time and keep the rewards flowing without pause.

Join forces with your friends, explore CharacterX, and embark on a rewarding adventure together!